Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The quote on p.41 shows that Henry still loved Catherine, even though he didn't express it fully, and was sad to see her go. This shows how Henry is somewhat of a quiet character who keeps his emotions to himself. By him saying how he felt lonely and hollow it showed how he really cherished her.

The quote on p.63 signifies Henry's honesty and true character. I think it was important to include because it shows how Henry doesn't consider his actions "heroic" and doesn't see the need for praise. I think it's good that Henry is able to keep his cool in stressful situations and not become full of himself, and that quote depicts it well.

The quote on p.49-50 shows that Henry has a reasonable sense of the war. He doesn't approve of the war, and at the same time he knows that just stopping the fighting would lose the war for him. This farther shows how he is a rational character.

The quote on page257, shows just how much Henry has given up to be with Catherine. It proves that he has sacrificed his civil requirements for love.

The quote on page332 shows Henry leaving his love, because she is dead and there is nothing else he can do. This quote is important and somewhat ironic because Henry sacrificed everything for Catherine to remain in his arms, and now everything he has sacrificed is now a waste. She is dead, and so is the child, so now Henry has nothing. And it really is a farewell to arms, because Henry has said goodbye to the war, but now he also has to say goodbye to the only women he has ever truly loved.

I really like several of these quotes because they show and reveal Henry's feelings and emotions. I think that Henry loves Catherine and without her he would be lost because she means the world to him. I really like the quotes where he talks about how much he loves her and wants to marry her and the ones where he speaks of how beautiful and lovely she is. Although Henry struggles between love and war I defiantly think that Catherine wins with Love and the quotes show this by showing Henry's real feeling and thoughts about what means so much to him, Catherine.

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