Wednesday, May 5, 2010


  1. In book one, what does Catherine give to Henry to protect him?
  2. In book one, does Henry agree when people call him a war hero? Why or why not?
  3. How does the first chapter of A Farewell to Arms set a tone and mood which anticipate subsequent events? Why does the narrator move the reader through a change of seasons from late summer to autumn and on to winter? What are the major images in the chapter, and what is the effect of the understatement in the final sentence (p. 4)
  4. During Lt. Frederic Henry's early visits with Catherine Barkley, Catherine says as they touch each other and speak of love, "This is a rotten game we play, isn't it"? (p. 31). How should one characterize Frederic's early "love" for Catherine? What does the initial stage of their relationship reveal about the effect of the war upon their lives?
  5. What happens to causes Rinaldi to believe Catherine prefers Henry?
  6. How does Richard react to certain things that occur throughout the book?
  7. Do you think that the underlying message throughout the book is how difficult it is to leave a tough situation? (Leaving the war, Henry leaving the hospital at the end of the book, etc.)
  8. I wonder what Henry’s dream was that made him wake scared and sweating? Pg 88
  9. What do they mean when they are talking about temperature? Pg 102-103
  10. Who do you think was falling more for one another? Pg 105-106
  11. Does Catherine seem desperate?
  12. What does it mean when they say “it was all balls”? Pg134
  13. Why do you think Catherine is obsessed with apologies and always wanting to be over pleasing? Pg 138
  14. Why were they discussing money in such a desperate time to escape? Pg 265
  15. I wonder if the barman had heard about Henry’s arrest at the same cafĂ© from were supposedly Henry’s “friend” was from about two chapters ago. Pg 266
  16. Do you think that it is a odd way to think of your baby as a burden on time? Pg 311

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