Friday, May 7, 2010


  • I really enjoyed the book as I really like love books. I loved how Henry changed from being impersonal to loving and cherishing Catherine. Often times men do not change but Henry was able to recognize that Catherine really did mean something to him. I also loved the way that Ernest Hemingway uses the short sentences, direct language, and life experiences to write the book A Farewell To Arms.

  • This was an amazing book, orginally I thought it was not going to be that interesting however I was proven wrong. Ernest Hemingway uses this expressive language, and he makes you feel like you are actually Henry. Also Hemingway uses his own life experiences to help create this tragic love story. In opposition I did not like the way Hemingway directed his diaologue, at some moments it tended to get confusing. But through and through A farewell to Arms turned out to be an amazing book.

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