Friday, May 7, 2010

About The Book

In the book A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway, Henry starts out as an impassionate soldier who is constantly conflicted with his civil obligations in World War I and his new found love, Catherine Barkley. After Henry is injured on the front he is sent to a hospital where Catherine is working. During his stay at the hospital their relationship flourished into a life changing romance. However Henry is required to return to the front which is the biggest struggle for him considering that his love for Catherine has become his meaning to live. Although he is forced to make a life altering decision between Catherine and his civil duty to his country, in the end, his life is dramatically changed.

  • Henry talked with his friends at the fort

  • Henry met Miss Barkley and they got along well

  • Henry was injured by a mortar shell and yet he still tried to help Passini

  • Catherine arrives at Henry’s hospital

  • Catherine doesnt not like the rain because she sees them dead in it

  • Henry returns to the front

  • Henry was pulled out of line by battle police and he jumped in a river to save his life

  • Catherine goes into a hospital to have the baby

  • The baby was born dead

  • Catherine dies and Henry leaves the hospital walking away in the rain

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