Sunday, May 9, 2010

A little bit about Ernest Hemingway

Born: July 21, 1899
Died: July 2, 1961
Nationality: American
Notable Awards: Nobel Prize in literature, and 1954 Pulitzer Price for fiction

Ernest Miller Hemingway was born 1899, July 2 in Oak Park, Illinois. In high school Hemingway wrote for his school paper, and after high school he went to WWI. Hemingway was actually quoted saying "I did not go to college but instead went to WWI". In WWI Hemingway was an American Red Cross ambulance driver, and won the Italian Silver Medal for Valor. Hemingways many different experiences include being an Reporter, novelist, freelance writer for the Toronto Star, and writing several short stories. Hemingway was a great writer who related many of his stories back to him self especially A farewell to arms, where he wrote about the struggle of balancing what you desire with civil obligations. It is unfortunate that Hemmingway committed sucide, however when he died he had left serveral short stories, and novels Hemingway was working on proir to his death.

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